Xuggler Beta RC1 Is Now Live

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Hi folks,

As promised, the first beta of Xuggler is now online.  Go ahead and visit http://www.xuggle.com/xuggler to get access, and join our Google User Group (see the Support tab) if you have questions.

Couple of notes about the release:

  1. Version number is officially 1.15.66.RC1
  2. Tutorials and documentation are very much a work in progress.  We plan to flesh those out between now and Feb 24th.
  3. If there are extra features you’d like exposed through Xuggler, let us know on the user group.
  4. If you run into any problems, again, let us know on the user group.

Have fun and happy coding!

– Schrödinger, Art & Robert


3 Responses to Xuggler Beta RC1 Is Now Live

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  2. mero says:

    hello can u help me please?
    i want a java library by which i can convert
    3gp to avi can i do that with xuggler?

  3. yes; grab the latest xuggler, and see the com.xuggle.xuggler.Converter code for an example program.

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