Beta Release Candidate 2 now released

We just released Beta Release Candidate 2.  It’s a bug fix release; specifically it attempts to fix the windows installer.

Thanks to farenheight for giving the hint, but the RC1 candidate used gcc 4.3.0 on windows, but ffmpeg doesn’t seem to like that, so we backed it up to 4.2.4.  To get the release, visit the xuggler downloads page here.

To give folks a peek into what’s next, the next Release Candidate (3) will focus on adding new features, and Release Candidate (4) will be another bug fix release.  We plan on RC3 coming out on Monday, so we’ll pick features we think we can implement by then.

Thanks for your patience, and keep the feature requests coming and the bug hunting strong.

– Art


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  1. Dax says:

    Companies with an X in their name are cool

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