How to upload and display Youtube hi-def videos

Hi folks,

We’re in the process of uploading our Tutorials to youtube, and will be re-working the page to include those.  That page will link to blog posts where we post the tutorials so that folks can comment and give feedback inline on how to improve the tutorials.

That mean’s you’ll see a few blog posts over the next few days that repeat some previously posted tutorials just so they’re in the right location.  Sorry about that.

But to share knowledge, here’s how we’ve been able to get Youtube to playback some of our videos in high def:

  1. We’re recording demos using h.264 video and AAC audio using The Jing Project on windows.  The paid version ($14.95/yr) allows you to save these files to disk.
  2. We upload the file as is to youtube.  You’ll need to wait about 30 minutes.  At first youtube will process a standard-def (320×240 version) of all the videos.  When that’s done it’ll claim the video is live, but it will take longer for it to transcode the highdef version.
  3. But if you wait, there will be a non-well publicized way to get higher definition video.  Take the URL youtube gives you, and add “&fmt=18” at the end.  For example:
  4. If you’re embeeding Youtube in a video, you’ll need to change the URL in their embed code in two places.
  5. If for some reason you’re still not getting hi-def video, wait a day and try again; sometimes it takes Youtube a long time to get the hi-def version, and they don’t give you any feedback when it’s done.

And that should do it.  Hope that’s useful.

– Art


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