How To Install Xuggler on Microsoft Windows

Hi folks,

This tutorial shows you how to install the latest version of Xuggle’s Xuggler on Microsoft.

Part 1: Installing on Windows

In this tutorial we show how to find the latest version of Xuggler and install it on your Windows Vista or Windows XP machine.

Part 2: Testing your installation

After you’ve installed Xuggler on your machine and rebooted, it’d be nice to test that everything is working. This tutorial shows you how to do that.

Part 3: For those who don’t like Videos

Here are the steps in text for those who don’t like video:

  • Uninstall old versions of Xuggler first if you’ve already installed it
  • Download the latest Xuggler setup.exe for Microsoft Windows from here
  • Run setup.exe, giving administrative permission if requested
  • When your machine restarts, launch a command shell
  • Find a copy of your favorite Quicktime, FLV, or other video file (let’s assume it’s called
  • Run the following command (all on one line):
    java -cp "%XUGGLE_HOME%\share\java\jars\xuggle-xuggler.jar"
  • Congratulations you should now see a video (without audio) playing on your screen.

Part 4: Where to find the demo source

You can find the documentation for the com.xuggle.xuggler.demos.DecodeAndPlayVideo application here, and you can get the actual source code here.


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