How To Write Your First Xuggler Application In Eclipse

If you’re new to Xuggler, you may want to start with the MediaTools API first.  But if you want to use the more complex Xuggler Advanced API, keep reading.

So you’ve seen the Overly Simplistic Guide to Internet Video, you’ve installed Xuggler on your Windows, Linux or Mac, and you’re ready to start writing applications.  This tutorial shows you how to write a simple application that just opens up a media container, and tells you about the streams inside that container.

Part 1

Part 2

The Source Code

You can find the documentation for the com.xuggle.xuggler.demos.GetContainerInfo application here, and you can get the actual source code here.


One Response to How To Write Your First Xuggler Application In Eclipse

  1. fahrenheit says:

    Good tutorial, explains the basic concepts of creating a xuggler based program.
    About stream durations and getStreamDuration(), reading the documentation is realy a must, for some advanced uses, reading FFmpeg documentation will also be needed.

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