Overly Simplistic Guide to Internet Video

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If you’re new to programming with Internet Video you may find that it’s very complicated.  Lots of mysterious concepts like “formats”, “codecs”, “timestamps” and others.  Well, we were new to Video Programming at one pont too, and we know the pain.  So we’ve put together this series of tutorials that introduces you to those concepts, and you can watch them here in high definition.

Part 1: The File Format Fracas

You’ve probably heard about files like “Quicktime”, and “Windows Media” and “Real Audio”… but what the hell do they all mean, and why doesn’t Youtube seem to care about it?  Find out here.

Part 2: Don’t Cross The Streams

OK, so now you understand what those file formats are; how do programs like video players manage to open and use the data in those formats?  Find out here.

Part 3: Horse Over IP

Now you get how audio data is represented in video containers, but what the hell is Key Frame Compression?  Find out here.

Part 4: Your Secret Decoder Ring

Great!  You get the basic concepts of data inside a Container, but how to media players put it all together to display sound and video?  Find out here.


One Response to Overly Simplistic Guide to Internet Video

  1. Chris Lewis says:

    This is great. I fit into your “programmers who need an intro to video” category, and it’s exactly what I needed.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to put together these videos, and for making Xuggle available!


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