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Red5 0.8 RC2 final release is here! Go there and use that version rather than what is here.

Thanks for everyone’s help testing the first candidate.  Now as promised, here is our second, and (hopefully) final candidate build for Red5 0.8 RC2.

All known issues that we’re planning to fix for 0.8 are fixed in this release.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches and fixes — they were invaluable to get to this stage.  Special shout out as usual to Mondain who worked through the weekend with other members of the community to patch the remaining AMF3 bugs we were trying to squash.

Candidate Builds

Java 1.6: build #27

Linux & Mac Download | Windows Download

Java 1.5: build #28

Linux & Mac Download | Windows Download

Installation Instructions

First, make sure you have the environment variable JAVA_HOME set to the Java version you want to use.

Linux & Mac OS-X

Download the latest .tar.gz file and run (assuming the file is named red5-release.tar.gz)

tar -xzvf red5-release.tar.gz

Then cd into the directory that was unzipped and do:

export RED5_HOME=`pwd`

This will start up the red5 server on your machine. Connect to http://localhost:5080/ (assuming you’ve installed on localhost) and you should be up and running.


Download the latest .zip file and unzip it to a new directory.  Then set a windows environment variable called RED5_HOME to point to that directory.  Finally, run:


This will start up the red5 server on your machine.  Connect to http://localhost:5080/ (assuming you’ve installed on localhost) and you should be up and running.

Testing Instructions

Here’s the things we’d like you to check:

  • Make sure the server starts up and you can connect to the main page
  • Watch the instruction video for how to install demos and run them (and give me feedback).
  • Make sure you can install the oflaDemo demo application under Java 1.6 and Java 1.5
  • Make sure you can connect and use the http://localhost:5080/demos/ofla_demo.html application.
  • Make sure you can connect and use the http://localhost:5080/demos/publisher.html, connecting to rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo
  • Install the SOSample demo application under Java 1.6
  • Connect to http://localhost:5080/demos/BallControl.html with multiple web browsers, and make sure when you move the ball in one browser that it moves on the other browsers as well.

What Are The Already Known Issues

There are, as with all products, some bugs, but in general we’re quite happy with this release.

The Echo Test application will fail on some tests; they are known failures but they are in “underspecified” scenarios (e.g. sending an ActionScript 3 XML object over AMF0 fails, but in theory AMF0 doesn’t support sending raw XML anyway).  We do not plan to fix these for 0.8 but hope to fix them in a later release.

To see the complete list of bugs we’re tracking for 0.8.RC2 (and the ones we’ve already decided to delay until after 0.8), click here.

What To Do If You Find a Bug

How to File a Bug

If you find a bug, please let us know by:

  1. Check the bug database to make sure there isn’t already a bug file; if there is, add your comments there.
  2. If there isn’t already a bug, file a new one here and assign it to Art Clarke.
  3. Make sure you include the following information
    1. SVN revision or official build of Red5 you are running
    2. Java version you are using.
    3. Operating system you are running on.
    4. Any red5 logs that show the problem.
    5. A complete description (more detail is better) of how to reproduce the problem.
    6. What your JAVA_HOME and RED5_HOME environment variables are set to.

How to Fix A Bug

Even better than filing a bug, is also filing a patch to fix it.  To maximize your odds that we’ll include your fix, we ask you to try to do as many of the following steps as possible:

  1. Test the fix with the latest tip of tree in your environment.
  2. Run “ant run-tests” and make sure all tests pass 100% with your fix.
  3. Run “ant run-tests-server”, and then in a web browser open up test/fixtures/red5-selftest.swf (in the red5 build tree).  Make sure your camera is enabled and that all tests pass 100%.
  4. Create a new JUnit unit test that will fail before your patch (i.e. shows the bug) and passes after the patch.
  5. If you can, follow the Red5 Testing Guide, and create a new flash system test that tests your patch.
  6. Submit a patch by running “svn diff” from the top of the tree and attaching it to the bug, along with the SVN revision number of Red5 you made your modifications in.
  7. If you created a JUnit test, submit as a different patch.
  8. If you created a ASUnit test, submit as a different patch.

Priority will be given to bugs that have patches filed with them.  TOP PRIORITY will be given to bugs with tests and patches.

What’s Next

We’re going to give this 2-3 days to bake, and if it still looks good, we’ll create windows installers and post the final 0.8.RC2 version.

Then we’ll move onto 0.8.1, which has a few new features we’re excited about.  Stay tuned.

– The Red5 Team


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