Red5 Backwards Compatibility Report

Update Period

23-JAN-2009 to 05-FEB-2009


A lot of bug fixes but we don’t anticipate any backwards compatible impacts in this report. 0.8.RC2 is looking good and will ship this week (although deploying Red5 as a WAR file in tomcat, and the Windows installers will not work).

We will then move onto 0.8.RC3 which will hopefully fix those issues, as well as introduce a new feature: Listeners that return false will cause calling methods to abort (e.g. appStart()). Previously return values on Listeners were ignored. This change is unlikely to break any apps (convention on listeners is to return true), but we’re giving you a heads up on this change here. Enabling it lets you do much cooler things with your Listeners.

Major New Features

Feature What it Means
Lots of bug fixes for RC2 A lot of bug fixes were added in the last two weeks, many of them based on patches from the community. Keep it up!

Also our system-tests were augmented with additional tests to ensure the fixed AMF3 bugs stay fixed.

Red5 Continuous Build Server now publishes “pre-compiled” packages:
Java 1.5
Java 1.6
The continuous build server now creates pre-compiled complete downloadable snapshots (in ZIP and .tar.gz formats) so you can download a stable-build and run without having to compile Red5 yourself.

Changes With Compatibility Impacts

Revision Description
R3424 Upgraded to Ivy 2.0 Final

More Details

For details on these and all other changes to red5:

Previous Reports

You can find the last report here.

What Is This Report

Red5 is under active development and as such APIs and the implementation are subject to change at any time.

To help with that problem and as a service to the Red5 team, every two weeks Xuggle publishes updates giving a summary of major changes since the last report that MAY require changes to your existing Red5 applications.

Other changes may have been made as well, but we do not expect them to cause backwards compatibility issues.

See here for more background.


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