Announcing Red5 0.8

Infrared5 released Red5 0.8 final two weeks ago.  Currently the site is down (with no estimate for when it will work), but you can find it (and the Red5 source) on the googlecode site.

It’s official: Red5 0.8 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is now live. Visit: and click on the RC2 link.

Now, some thanks are in order:
1) Thank you to Mondain.
This release involved a lot of people, but would not have happened without Mondain — it would have been dead on arrival. If you haven’t sent hugs to your friendly neighborhood Mondain, do so now.

2) Big thanks (props) to, well, YOU!
The outpouring of support from the community was great. We had over 20 people sign up for testing, along with many others who didn’t “sign up” in advance. We had people submit patches and unit tests to fix our open bugs. I’m not going to name folks individually (too many), but the spirit of cooperation is exactly what Red5 needs. Keep up the good work.

3) Lastly thanks to Infrared5
Infrared5 ( is a company that does some interesting Flash and Web projects, and in addition to running a great business, also encourages their employees to give back to open source projects, and donates equipment for hosting behind the scenes. That’s why we have Mondain’s, Dominick’s, and many other’s time. If you’re a manager, but have folks on your team who are chomping at the bit to work on Red5, you could really learn from what Infrared5 does, and actively give your engineers time to give back to Red5. You’ll find it not only helps the community; it helps your business too!

Now the team is moving onto Release Candidate 3 (and hopefully our last 0.8 release). The plan for that is:

  • Fix the Red5 War install (you can’t install Red5 0.8.RC2 as a WAR in another Tomcat instance; we hope to fix that).
  • Fix a few remaining bugs in our Windows Installers and hopefully auto-build them.
  • Despite the name “Release Candidate”, we’ll likely add a few new features as well. Specifically stay tuned for a slight but powerful change in how Listeners work!

After that, who knows. I’m not big on predicting too far 🙂

That’s all, and have a great weekend!

– Art & the rest of the Red5 Team


3 Responses to Announcing Red5 0.8

  1. Erguder Bekrek says:

    Hi guy’s i want to thank you all for the amazing job you are accomplishing here. I did install the RC2 on my machine and all the logging that were showing before with the RC1 are gone now. Can someone spot the problem here because i’m using sl4f4j 1.5.5 as the logging library and it’s not working anymore. But it works great with the RC1 0.8 release !

    Thank you in advance for the time.

  2. Hi Erguder,

    Red5 0.8 RC1 uses SLF4J 1.5.6, and by default logs output to the console (0.8 RC1 may have logged to log/stdout.log, I’m not sure). Can you try upgrading and see if that works.

    if that doesn’t work, send an e-mail to detailing your program, and include a copy of your logback.xml file and any log output you’re getting to help people diagnose.

    – Art

  3. Erguder Bekrek says:

    I have tried with the latest adapters :


    With both of these :

    protected static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Application.class);
    protected static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(Application.class);

    and it seems that nothing is outputed in the eclipse console window.

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