Red5 Backwards Compatibility Report

Update Period

06-FEB-2009 to 24-FEB-2009


We upgraded the JRuby and Groovy jars that we use. Also, Application Listeners now pay attention to return values.

Changes With Compatibility Impacts

Revision Description
R3544 Upgraded Groovy to 1.5.7, and updated associated dependencies
R3523 ApplicationListeners now pay attention to return values. That means you can use listeners to control appConnect(), roomJoin() etc. by returning false. If your current listeners return true, then no changes are required. If your current listeners return false, you will need to review and decide whether to return the right value.

More Details

For details on these and all other changes to red5:

Previous Reports

You can find the last report here.

What Is This Report

Red5 is under active development and as such APIs and the implementation are subject to change at any time.

To help with that problem and as a service to the Red5 team, every two weeks Xuggle publishes updates giving a summary of major changes since the last report that MAY require changes to your existing Red5 applications.

Other changes may have been made as well, but we do not expect them to cause backwards compatibility issues.

See here for more background.


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