Bad News and Good News

First the bad news; we’ve decided to cancel the 1.23 release.  There.  We said it.

We’d hoped to ship Xuggler 1.23 this week but over the weekend ffmpeg changed (in a non backwards compatible way) how their pixel conversion routines worked, and added a bug that causes some of our video conversion routines to break down.  We’re working on a fix (both with the ffmpeg team, and a workaround on our side).  But the end result is 1.23 is officially cancelled and will never see the light of day.

So what’s the good news?

Next week we’ll release Xuggler 2.0.

It’ll implement the top 3 requested features (not kidding) from the community to date.  It’ll fix the PixelFormat issues that just crept into FFMPEG.  It’ll run well in small java heaps.  It’ll do faster image conversion.  It’ll make julienne fries.  And more.  Stay tuned.

– Art

p.s. for those who can’t wait, the current tip of tree has most of the new features (not telling what they are though), but code for converting between IVideoPictures and java.awt.BufferedImages is broken due to the aforementioned FFMPEG bug.  Also, the pixel format IPixelFormat.Type.RGB32 no longer exists for reasons we’ll explain in the 2.0 release notes.


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