A Xuggler Demonstration

April 29, 2009

Hi folks,

Robert and I developed a little demonstration application using Xuggler that we originally showed at FITC in February.  We put it online for people to use at FITC again yesterday, but thought we’d leave it up for a while (like a week or so) so that other members of the community could see it.

Demonstration Instructions Here

The application is running on a Red5 server using Xuggler, on an Amazon EC2 small instance.  We’re not releasing the source for the demo itself, but everything you see implemented was done with Xuggler 2.0 so you can do it yourself too if you like.  We’ll leave it running through at least May 7th 2009, but let us know if it’s down before then.


– Art & Robert

Xuggler Wiki Site Now Live

April 21, 2009

Several users have asked us to create a Wiki site where they can upload and modify tips and tricks and share with the community.  Thanks to Jeremy Morton’s kind donation, we now have a Wiki site set up.


You can also find the link on every page at xuggle.com — just look at the footer.

For now the content is sparse, but anyone can make changes and create pages.  If we run into problems with spam, we’ll require people to log-in before making changes, but for now we’ll be naive and optimistic and leave it open*.

Have at it folks!

– Art & Robert

* We reserve the right to occasionally go in an organize information a little, but we want to see if and how people use this before we spend a lot of time creating the exact right navigation structure.

Xuggler Demos Working Again in Red5 Tip of Tree

April 20, 2009

Hi folks,

The Red5 Team made a change last week to the tip-of-tree Red5 that broke our old demos.  We took this as an opportunity to upgrade the Red5 demos to Xuggler 2.0.

So now they work again, but you will need to install Xuggler 2.0 first.  Xuggler 1.x or Xuggler 2.0 should work for the RC2 candidate, but if you get library load errors, you can fix them in this way (assuming Windows because most of you seem to use Windows):

del %RED5_HOME%\lib\xuggle-xuggler*.*
copy %XUGGLE_HOME%\share\java\jars\xuggle-xuggler.jar %RED5_HOME%\lib

– Art

Impatiently Awaiting New Releases?

April 20, 2009

We released Xuggler 2.0 about two weeks ago, and Robert and I have been busy on some internal projects.  That doesn’t mean we’re sitting still on Xuggler.  We’ve fixed a few bugs (nothing major) added a few minor features (for example, in the next release you’ll be able to get ByteBuffers directly from IVideoPicture and IAudioSamples), and we’ve continually integrated with the latest FFMPEG releases.

And that’s what this post is about.  For those users who want the official Xuggler release, that’s 2.0.

But for those of you who like living on the edge, did you know we build, auto-test and publish our “tip of tree” internal xuggler releases automatically.

And here’s the links to get there:

Just thought you’d like to know,  You can also find these links on our home page under “Status”.

– Art

RTP to RTMP Restreamer

April 7, 2009

Jeremy Morton has built an application using Xuggler that can read RTP data (e.g. from a webcam or IP phone) and stream it over RTMP to Flash. That means you can broadcast using an RTP-capable device, but anyone with a web-browser can view and hear the output since only Flash is required. Great work Jeremy (and nice use of Xuggler).

If you’re interested, check it out here:

– Art

Xuggler 2.0 In The House

April 2, 2009

We just shipped Xuggler 2.0, code named “Anointed One”. Check it out!

We were forced to bump our version number to 2.0 because the FFMPEG team has broken backwards compatibility with prior versions. But since we had to go to 2.0, we thought we’d add some of the most requested features from our users. Hence 2.0.

Major New Features:

  • We can now encode AAC audio. Really. That thing iTunes uses.
  • We’re introducing a new method for converting between image
    formats that is over 40% faster!
  • We’re introducing a new MediaReader API for simplified
  • We now support limited access to webcams through
    Xuggler. Seriously.
  • We can now tell what different error return values
    actually mean.
  • We’ve improved support for “small heap” environments.
  • We’ve improved non-blocking IO support.
  • On the bad side; IPixelFormat.Type.RGB32 is no
    longer supported. Use IPixeFormat.Type.BGR24 instead. This
    may break existing code; sorry but we had no choice

Full release notes are here.

– Xuggle team