Xuggler 2.0 In The House

We just shipped Xuggler 2.0, code named “Anointed One”. Check it out!

We were forced to bump our version number to 2.0 because the FFMPEG team has broken backwards compatibility with prior versions. But since we had to go to 2.0, we thought we’d add some of the most requested features from our users. Hence 2.0.

Major New Features:

  • We can now encode AAC audio. Really. That thing iTunes uses.
  • We’re introducing a new method for converting between image
    formats that is over 40% faster!
  • We’re introducing a new MediaReader API for simplified
  • We now support limited access to webcams through
    Xuggler. Seriously.
  • We can now tell what different error return values
    actually mean.
  • We’ve improved support for “small heap” environments.
  • We’ve improved non-blocking IO support.
  • On the bad side; IPixelFormat.Type.RGB32 is no
    longer supported. Use IPixeFormat.Type.BGR24 instead. This
    may break existing code; sorry but we had no choice

Full release notes are here.

– Xuggle team


2 Responses to Xuggler 2.0 In The House

  1. Edmauro says:

    Compatible with aacplus?

  2. I don’t believe libfaac (which we use) supports aacplus, but you can check there: http://www.audiocoding.com/

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