Impatiently Awaiting New Releases?

We released Xuggler 2.0 about two weeks ago, and Robert and I have been busy on some internal projects.  That doesn’t mean we’re sitting still on Xuggler.  We’ve fixed a few bugs (nothing major) added a few minor features (for example, in the next release you’ll be able to get ByteBuffers directly from IVideoPicture and IAudioSamples), and we’ve continually integrated with the latest FFMPEG releases.

And that’s what this post is about.  For those users who want the official Xuggler release, that’s 2.0.

But for those of you who like living on the edge, did you know we build, auto-test and publish our “tip of tree” internal xuggler releases automatically.

And here’s the links to get there:

Just thought you’d like to know,  You can also find these links on our home page under “Status”.

– Art


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