Xuggler Demos Working Again in Red5 Tip of Tree

Hi folks,

The Red5 Team made a change last week to the tip-of-tree Red5 that broke our old demos.  We took this as an opportunity to upgrade the Red5 demos to Xuggler 2.0.

So now they work again, but you will need to install Xuggler 2.0 first.  Xuggler 1.x or Xuggler 2.0 should work for the RC2 candidate, but if you get library load errors, you can fix them in this way (assuming Windows because most of you seem to use Windows):

del %RED5_HOME%\lib\xuggle-xuggler*.*
copy %XUGGLE_HOME%\share\java\jars\xuggle-xuggler.jar %RED5_HOME%\lib

– Art


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