A Xuggler Demonstration

Hi folks,

Robert and I developed a little demonstration application using Xuggler that we originally showed at FITC in February.  We put it online for people to use at FITC again yesterday, but thought we’d leave it up for a while (like a week or so) so that other members of the community could see it.

Demonstration Instructions Here

The application is running on a Red5 server using Xuggler, on an Amazon EC2 small instance.  We’re not releasing the source for the demo itself, but everything you see implemented was done with Xuggler 2.0 so you can do it yourself too if you like.  We’ll leave it running through at least May 7th 2009, but let us know if it’s down before then.


– Art & Robert


3 Responses to A Xuggler Demonstration

  1. JanisB says:

    Hello, I tried to access this demo with FF/IE/Opera, and all browsers are crashing after pressing “Allow” in Flash `connect_to_webcam?` dialog. The problem is in FlDbg10.ocx/dll. Is it my/Flash/browser fault or demo is incompatible with Flash 10?

  2. This is most likely an issue with your camera and Flash. Have you tried other applications that use your webcam (e.g. UStream, Stickam or the Red5 demos)?

  3. JanisB says:

    You’re right, seems it is problem with my camera’s driver, because it hangs on any Flash app, that tries to connect to camera. Pardon me, I’m not using webcam too often 🙂

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