Xuggler 2.1 will ship Friday, June 5th

May 29, 2009

OK, Xuggler 2.1 started as a ‘bug fix’ release but it’s taken a little longer than we meant for it to.  Not because of bugs though — Robert and I have been hard at work at some new features.

We’d hoped to get it out tomorrow, but we still have a few things to do to close it out (mostly around documentation, demos and tutorials).  Instead, it will ship a week later, on Friday June 5th (which is my birthday by the way.  gifts accepted).  That’s a hard date folks. Mark them calendars!

A heads up on the release:

  • The Xuggler API will be 99% backwards compatible between 2.1 and 2.0 (assuming you’re not using marked “Internal Only” classes) with one exception: The MediaReader API which we introduced in 2.0 has
  • changed.  It’s moved to a new location, and it’s gotten some friends.  Don’t worry too much about it if you haven’t checked it out yet, but if you have, sorry, but we promise you’ll like the new stuff.
  • We’re changing (for a variety of reasons) the license on Xuggler 2.1 to the GNU Affero General Public License.  More on that next week.
  • With the exception of the MediaReader API changes and some documentation, everything else is done.  If you want a sneak peek check out the latest builds on http://build.xuggle.com/.  We’ll detail all the changes in the release notes next week, but I know some of you like to poke at things early.

Thanks for your understanding,

– Art & Robert

Where in the world is Xuggler 2.1?

May 8, 2009

I know; we’ve been quiet.  Thought it was time to update you all on Xuggler 2.1.

We’ve been working hard on an internal-project that uses Xuggler, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our Xuggler users.  Xuggler 2.1 is still dear to us, and will probably ship in the next week or two.

The release will be a stability release — sussing out the issues that always come with a major release (which 2.0) was.  That said, expect one, maybe two, cool new features.

But really, most changes will be in the stability area.  In particular, we’re working hard on making sure Xuggler performs as well as possible when used from multiple Java Threads, and that if fails as gracefully as possible in low memory circumstances. There are some improvements in the handling of SDP files (ok, the ffmpeg gets the credit for that) as well.  And there are some other user-submitted bugs we’ve tried to address.

If you’re interested in checking out pre-release versions, see here.  Word of warning though: You’ll need to completely uninstall Xuggler on the machine you’re testing 2.1 on — there’s a few binary incompatibilities with ffmpeg between the releases that you’ll not want to experience.  That said the core Java API remains the same (unlike the 1.x to 2.x transition) so your code shouldn’t need changing.

– Art

p.s. We may make some changes to the API for Xuggler 2.1, but only in the com.xuggle.xuggler.MediaReader experiemental API introduced in 2.0.