Introducing Xuggler 3.0

Since 2.0 was a major release, the original plan was to have 2.1 be a “only bug fixes” release.

Screw that!

Here comes Xuggler 3.0! Here’s some of the new features you can try out:

  • A simpler API for decoding and encoding: MediaTool. See the new tutorials, but we think it rocks.
  • New MemoryModel technology that can speed up Xuggler programs by over 40%.
  • Improved scaling for multi-threaded programs, including the ability to interrupt blocking calls.
  • Seamless Java IO support (e.g. InputStream, and OutputStream).
  • A simpler API for getting access to video, audio and packet memory.
  • The ability to query which formats and codecs Xuggler supports.
  • … and more!

As usual, read the release notes for details.

– Art & Robert


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