Introducing Xuggler 3.1

July 12, 2009

A few days earlier than planned, here comes Xuggler 3.1: “Chloe”.

“Chloe” was planned as a bug fix release (and the release we finalize our commercial terms around), but we couldn’t resist and added a few new features as well. Here are some of “Chloe’s” highlights:

  • Xuggler Professional licensing terms are now complete and published (the free AGPL-version remains available as always).
  • Installers for Linux & Mac users — no more long builds.
  • Support for encoding Speex and Vorbis audio and Theora video.
  • Support for getting and setting MetaData on files like MP3.
  • Support for generating SDP descriptors for RTSP streams.
  • Support for creating IVideoPicture and IAudioSamples directly from memory-mapped files.

For details, the release notes are here.

– Art & Robert