Removing Java 1.5 Support

Quick update: Turns out that Apple’s java implementation of webapps can only support Java 1.5, so for now, we’re going to keep supporting 1.5 at least through the 3.x series of Xuggler releases.

Hi folks,

For our next release (3.2) we plan to remove Java 1.5 support.  As far as we know from the people we’ve worked closely with, no one is actually using Java 1.5.  But if you, please let us know by end of this week so we can figure out if we need to revisit this.

Why are we removing Java 1.5 support?

  1. Sun is deprecating support for Java 1.5 in 3 months.
  2. There are some Java 1.6 optimizations we’d like to take advantage of in Xuggler that we can’t today.


– Art


5 Responses to Removing Java 1.5 Support

  1. Siva says:

    1.5 is the only version that can run applets on Mac (because of 32 bit browsers) . We are working on porting xuggler into an applet and if you remove the support for 1.5, people like us need to work on keeping a compatible version of xuggler (modifying some code) which is really not good.

    Better way is to have build parameters to support both versions until the folks at Apple figure out something to do with this.

  2. abclarke says:

    Right now Xuggler can’t run in an applet — if you’ve worked around that, please let me know how, and we’ll consider not dropping 1.5 yet. Otherwise, I think you’ll find you’ll have trouble getting Xuggler to behave in an applet.

  3. Siva says:

    I am new to xuggler. Is there any special reason why this is not possible?

    I just saw posts denying the possibility of loading up Xuggler in a signed applet. I don’t have a affirmative working solution – I was planning to work on it. But based on my experience with loading jni projects as applets, I don’t understand why this can’t be done. After all it would be a java jar file with a bunch of dll’s (or so’s) – the applet can unpack the jar file, spit out a copy dll’s into the tmp folder (System.getProperty) and start loading them using System.load (instead of loadLibrary).

    Would there be anything more to xuggler than this ? I must be missing something here.

    People ported other ffmpeg based java wrappers into applets.

    In either case, if there is no clear impossibility, I would love to give it a try to see why not… If it’s not clearly possible, then I would love to know why.

  4. abclarke says:

    Hi Siva,

    Can you join the xuggler-users group and let’s have the discussion there (that way everyone can see)?

    – Art

  5. Siva says:

    Yes, would appreciate the approval for the membership.

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