Xuggler Converter now supports overriding the input container type

Hi folks,

New feature in tip of tree: You can now use the com.xuggle.xuggler.Converter class to override the input container format type of an input file.  This is particularly useful when dealing with raw media.

Now, to give credit where due; this feature showed up thanks to Aaron Simmons who had the need.  He submitted a great bug report with a patch to Converter that showed what he wanted and exposed a bug in Xugger.  We just fixed the bug, but Aaron’s suggested patch was a good idea, so we implemented a similar version.

Here’s an example of using the new converter flag to change a file of raw audio samples into a WAV file:

java -jar $XUGGLE_HOME/share/java/jars/xuggle-xuggler.jar -icontainerformat s16le -iasamplerate 16000 -iachannels 1 input.raw output.wmv

There a few new methods added to the IContainer class to enable this; see the Converter.java source code for examples of how to use them.

Enjoy, and thanks Aaron!

– Art


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