BigBlueButton Incorporates Xuggle

Exciting news folks!  Today BigBlueButton, a cool open-source e-learning suite,  launched Version 0.61 “Titan”.  It comes with lots of new goodies:

  • Support for high resolution webcams
  • A new and simplified desktop sharing interface
  • Much improved slide conversion functionality

You can find the release notes here.

They made another change that we think is awesome; BigBlueButton incorporates Xuggler, and with this release they are abiding by the Xuggler license terms.  That means if you integrate BigBlueButton into your product with their optional desktop sharing component, you must either release your source code under AGPL, or support the BigBlueButton project commercially.

That means everyone wins.

Open-source developers and educational institutions win (as they release their source code back to the community), and people who are not able to release their source code win because they have an affordable commercial option to show their support for the Big Blue Button project.

We’re excited to see our licensing experiment adopted by others in the community as we think it’s an excellent path towards sustainable open-source projects.

Congrats to Fred, Richard, and the team working on BigBlueButton.

– Art


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