Xuggler 3.3

Hi Folks,

Robert and I are in the process of bundling up a new Xuggler release (3.3) that should be out in the next few weeks.

But for those who like the bleeding edge, you’ll find the following in the tip of tree (and they’ll be in 3.3 AGPL), and feel free to alpha test it:
– We now integrate that latest libx264 (Sep-24), so faster H264 encoding and better rate-control.
– We integrate the latest libtheora release (1.1), which means you can decode theora video even faster (about 15% or so), and get better rate-control when encoding.
– We’ve added the ability to read and write raw audio files — I know weird, but we were so focused on encoded media, that this was something we didn’t get to until now.
– There’ll be a few other bug fixes and minor features.
– And you’ll find a few new demos.

Just wanted you all to know,

– Art


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