Introducing Xuggler 3.3 – Eliza

October 21, 2009

Xuggler 3.3 “Eliza” is now live, with the following features:

  1. We have returned Xuggler to the LGPL license and are discontinuing the separate commercial license.
  2. We have upgraded the x264 (H264) and Theora encoder to the latest versions in our bundled FFmpeg
  3. We have upgraded to the latest FFmpeg

You can get Xuggler 3.3 “Eliza” here.

– Art & Robert

The Future of Xuggler…

October 20, 2009

Starting with Xuggler 3.3, Xuggler will return to the LGPL license and will remain that way from here on out.  You will not need a commercial license to use Xuggler, and you don’t have to release your own code anymore.  The relevant change is already checked in (for those who work off tip of tree) and 3.3 should roll out later this week.


– Art

Awesome Licensing Outcome: Traficon open-sources RTP->RTMP Server

October 14, 2009

Hi folks,

I just noticed today that a company named Traficon in France has made an attempt to at least partially comply with the Xuggler AGPL license by releasing some of their code(*).  The code converts RTP to RTMP in a Red5 server:

Paul Gregoire (of Red5 fame) worked on the project and posted about it to the red5devs list.  But for those who are looking for how to get the RTP->RTMP stuff working, there’s some good starting code there.

– Art

*) Technically the AGPL requires TraffiCon to release all portions of code that are involved in ‘distributing’ this functionality to users, so I would expect more code from them in the future.  But it’s a great start!