Awesome Licensing Outcome: Traficon open-sources RTP->RTMP Server

Hi folks,

I just noticed today that a company named Traficon in France has made an attempt to at least partially comply with the Xuggler AGPL license by releasing some of their code(*).  The code converts RTP to RTMP in a Red5 server:

Paul Gregoire (of Red5 fame) worked on the project and posted about it to the red5devs list.  But for those who are looking for how to get the RTP->RTMP stuff working, there’s some good starting code there.

– Art

*) Technically the AGPL requires TraffiCon to release all portions of code that are involved in ‘distributing’ this functionality to users, so I would expect more code from them in the future.  But it’s a great start!


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