Octopus Alpha Testing

Hi folks,

Last month we mentioned our super-not-so-secret-anymore-project Octopus.  Today we announce the beginning of our alpha-testing program:


We’re going to be running this test instance of our Octopus server over the next few weeks and collecting performance and interaction data.  It’s alpha so please, if you run into issues, let us know by shooting us an e-mail at info@xuggle.com which as much information as you can give us.

For details on what you’re seeing, check out this explanation page.

We’ll be taking the server up and down over the next few weeks as we add more features and changes.  To help us in the short term, the more you play with it, the more we can improve it.  We’re particularly interested in people using the “join chat” feature with no microphone so we can collect recordings for our echo cancellation features.  As we make improvements, we’ll post details here.

Also, if you’re with a company that is interested in adding this functionality to your product, please contact us as well.  We’d love to hear what you’d like to see in Octopus for your use.


– Art


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