Xuggler 3.4 Alpha Testing

Hi folks,

Our build server has (thanks to a mac donation) started automatically building all OSes without (much) manual intervention.  That means our continuous builder will now ship executables for mac, linux and windows:

For those who don’t enjoy building Xuggler themselves, but want to test the very latest versions, that’s where to get them.  And in fact, I’d love for you to start downloading and trying out releases because we’re actively working on the next Xuggler release (3.4) and you can alpha-test it there.

Current features that are committed to 3.4 are:

  • RTMP support (playing and publishing RTMP streams without needing Red5).  Just open “rtmp://…” with IContainer objects and everything happens behind the scenes.
  • H264 B-Frame encoding support; prior versions of Xuggler incorrectly computed timestamps when codecs used B-frames.  We’re fixing that.
  • New Seek API.  See IContainer.seek… and the new IIndexEntry object.
  • com.xuggle.xuggler.Configuration.configure(…): the ability to read FFmpeg preset files or other property files to configure Xuggler objects.
All of these methods are implemented in the stable release right now, although we have a known issue with RTMP support and the very latest Red5 tip of tree that I’ll be working on next week.


– Art

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