Xuggle now part of ConnectSolutions

Hi folks,

Robert and I have some exciting news we’re announcing today: We’ve been acquired by ConnectSolutions, LLC and have joined their kick-ass team. This is great news for Robert and me, because it helps us get the technology we’ve been working hard on into the hands of paying customers. But it’s also great news for the Xuggler community!

This deal enables us to continue working on Xuggle’s technology, and ConnectSolutions is committed to keeping Xuggler open-source. That means Robert and I can continue our involvement in the video space, but now we have a profitable company behind the project!

I’m sure some of you have some questions, and so here’s a little Q&A section about the deal.

– Art

What just happened?

ConnectSolutions just announced they acquired Xuggle, all of our source code, and our team.  Effective immediately we work for ConnectSolutions. To find out more about ConnectSolutions, visit their website: www.connectsolutions.com.

Is this a good thing for Xuggle?

Hell yes! We get to deploy our technology with real customers in a real business environment, with a team of people we’re excited to work with. What’s not to love?

Is this a good thing for the Xuggler open-source project?

Hell yes! This means Robert and I can afford to still be involved with the project. It means we’ll be integrating Xuggler into products that are used by thousands of live audience members and by real paying customers. And it means any additional updates we release to Xuggler will be tested even more!

Will ConnectSolutions continue to leave Xuggler in the public domain?

Yes. As part of this transaction, ConnectSolutions has committed to leaving Xuggler in the public domain as LGPL-licensed software. In addition, Art and Robert will continue to provide support as we desire to the project.

Will ConnectSolutions provide commercial support for Xuggler?

ConnectSolutions has no current plans to provide commercial support for Xuggler at this time.

But I wanted to license some of Xuggle’s closed-source technology; can I still do that?

Our focus over the next year will be integrating Xuggle’s closed-source technology into ConnectSolutions’ product suite. If you’d like to become a customer of ConnectSolutions, contact us at http://www.connectsolutions.com/contact.html.

One Response to Xuggle now part of ConnectSolutions

  1. Jim Brown says:

    I thought Xuggle was all open-source. Which part of Xuggle is closed-source?

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