Ch-ch-ch Changes

Hi folks,

If you’ve been following us on our mailing lists, you’ll know I’ve been making some changes over the last few weeks.  To that end, I’m releasing in the wild today the first beta-version of Xuggler 5.0.  What’s different:

  • The very latest FFmpeg (with all the new APIs) has been integrated, allowing you to set options using x264’s new much easier settings
  • I’ve added the vo-aacencAAC audio encoder, which is more stable than FFmpeg’s experimental encoder
  • We’ve moved our main source to GIT
  • There are a few API changes that got deprecated.  The biggest one being that IContainerParameters is now more, and you can now set many options at one time with the IConfigurable.setProperty(IMetaData,IMetaData) api.  To build local java doc when you install, run:
    ant doc-java

The old SVN repository will stay available for a few more weeks, and I’ll eventually move our build server over to it.


– Art

One Response to Ch-ch-ch Changes

  1. kyo says:

    Is there any improvement for the seekKeyFrame function of IContainer? It is not working for most cases as it is still under “experimental”

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