Xuggler 5.3 has shipped

A happy dog, for no good reason

Xuggler 5.3

Xuggler 5.3 was released to our ivy repository last night and is a bug fix release.  Only one new feature — and technically it’s a separate project to aid in testing.  Still, some big bugs with “no-install” for Windows were fixed, and some of the RTSP users out there in the wild will be happier.  Enjoy.

To see how to download it, go to our downloads page.


Next Features

  • New xuggle-xuggler-test project demonstrating maven usage of xuggler and doing VERY intensive tests of Xuggler (takes a long time to run and will eat lots of cpu).

Bug fixes:

  • Windows no-install builds should work correctly
  • RTPS file reading fixed
  • StdioURLProtocolHandler should work on Windows
  • Remove any latest.revision ivy dependencies in xuggler
  • libvpx should link into ffmpeg when cross-compiling on platforms that require PIC
  • pixel formats updated in com.xuggle.xuggler.IPixelFormat for latest ffmpeg version
  • spandsp build no longer uses automake if available on building platform

p.s. I included the happy dog for no reason at all 🙂


– Art

One Response to Xuggler 5.3 has shipped

  1. CrazyPenguin says:

    Awesome! and thanks

    Very nice picture to…
    Are you guys going to have a picture per release?
    Is 5.3 the “go fetch!” release name? lol

    Nice job guys!

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